Series 3


parc series 3 - look 1
parc series 3 - look 2
parc series 3 - look 3
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In their third season, parc present their latest collection which hones the brands’ unique ‘optimistic casual’ aesthetic established in Series 1 and 2. Series 3 subverts the traditionally masculine trope of automotive obsession and nineties English casuals into a collection of garments which are ambiguous, nonchalant and effortless.

The second time showing through the BFC’s ‘Digital LFW’ platform as well as the parc digital channels, Series 3’s automotive references are taken from sources as polished and slick as Italian Pininfarina as well as the more deconstructed work of artists including Alexandra Bircken and Sam Lewitt.

Sportswear is the foundation of the series, but alongside windbreakers and jerseys in waterproof nylons and synthetics are pieces in silver lurex and tactile cotton/linen mixes. parc jeans take a more environmentally conscious approach with cotton drill block-printed to resemble stonewash denim without any of the traditionally-harmful denim processes. The metamorphosis of pre-existing parc garments and fabrications into new, fresh styles is achieved through re-purposing, re-cutting and printing. The evolution from one parc series to another is less of a totally new start, and more of an organic development that takes base elements of the previous series and introduces new styles and details. 

This series also extends the parc ‘family’ of collaborators. Alongside print designer and regular contributor James Millar, whose signature lozenge print appears on t-shirts and matchy-matchy jogging suits offering the now signature parc piece-by-piece aesthetic; embroidery designer Jodie Ruffle applies tonal mélanges of hand-cut latex sequins, gunmetal Japanese miyuki beads and deconstructed satin stitches. The resulting appliquès are as subtly captivating as they are multi-layered.

Series 3 also introduces a new jewellery collaboration with designer Carol Wiseman with a concise collection of pieces in plated gold and sterling silver in subculture-inspired silhouettes. Domestically-manufactured belcher and curb chains with pieces cast from recycled metals and materials using traditional, artisanal techniques. Faceted neon-enamel edged pendants evoke luxury automotive badges and retro-reflective road markings and have been created using techniques historically associated with automotive manufacture. The resulting pieces include sovereign silhouette rings, knuckle dusters, ID bracelets and pendant chains which are simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary. 

The final collaborator in this series, photographer Martin Zahringer captures the nostalgic 90’s tone and automotive inspirations, shooting on location on medium format film to produce a collection of images evoking a quintessentially British romance and optimism of youth.